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We are a modern Medical Clinic

Poly- Trauma or multiple injuries to the body are among the most menacing health problems of the modern day civilization. Millions of lives and limbs are lost every year not only due to the incidence of poly-trauma but more so due to the lack of adequate trauma-care facilities, for the management of these unfortunate victims. The scenario is much more grievous in the state of Odisha, where trauma-care infrastructure is almost nonexistent.

Our Vision

The other most important aspect of neuro & trauma-care is the round-the-clock availability of trained and dedicated neuro & trauma-care experts to look after the emergency trauma cases and they must be aptly supported by a group of well –trained paramedical staff.

In this backdrop of neuro & trauma-care scenario in the state, TRINITY NEURO HOSPITAL & TRAUMA CENTRE, BHOI NAGAR, UNIT-IX, BHUBANESWAR, ODISHA promises to emerge as the new face of ‘Advance neuro and trauma care in Odisha. Trinity Neuro Hospital & Trauma Centre provides state of the art comprehensive multi-disciplinary neuro & trauma-care and Intensive care facility 24*7 under one roof. It offers super-specially Neurology/neurosurgery care for patients of ‘Head- Injury’ and ‘Spine -Injury’. It also provides round- the-clock Orthopedic Trauma Care for fractures and limb injuries. They are supported by a ‘Trauma Team’ comprising of General Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Thoracic & Vascular Surgeons, ENT Surgeon, Maxilla-facial Surgeon, Dental Surgeons, Medicine Specialists, Nephrologists and Trauma- Physiotherapists.


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Another critical aspect of Neuro & Trauma –Care is the ‘Intensive Care’. Trinity Neuro Hospital & Trauma Centre has an Intensive Care Unit(ICU) with a semi ICU fully equipped with ventilators and other intensive care gadgets. The ‘Intensive Care Team’ consisting of experienced intensive care experts are available 24*7 in the ICU and Semi ICU for uninterrupted patient care.

Apart from Trauma care, Trinity Neuro Hospital & Trauma Centre aims to be an apex institute for Brain & spinal cord disorder. Highly Skilled and experienced doctors including Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists, Spine Surgeons and Neuro- Rehabilitation specialist are available 24*7. The hospital is well equipped with facilities for treatment of all sort of Neurological problems viz. Stroke, Brain hemorrhage, Myelopathy, Neuropathy, Fits, and behavioral disturbance. Hospital is also armored well with a high end operating microscope, CUSA, Intra-Op-Monitoring facility for all type of Neurosurgical diseases like Brain & Spine tumors, vascular Neurology/neurosurgery, skull base surgery, Pediatric Neuro Surgery, Epilepsy Surgery and so on.

Apart from these, round- the-clock diagnostic facilities like Digital X-Rays, Ultrasonography, 32 slice CT Scan, 1.5 Tesla Silent MRI, pathology, Microbiology etc.

Trinity Neuro Hospital & Trauma Centre pledge to provide prompt, ethical and quality trauma care service to the people of Odisha as well as the neighboring states. It’s just adjacent to the NH-5 and easily accessible to all patient from the entire eastern coast of India.

We promised to take care… and delivered

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